Best Essential Oils for Travel

Best Essential Oils for Travel

I don’t go anywhere without my EO - not even to the grocery store!

Although there are an overwhelming amount of oils to choose from - here’s a somewhat quick list (I did get a bit carried away) of some of my favorites specifically for travel:

Thieves ~ always - everywhere! This all purpose oil is “essential” for all travel. Anti-viral, ant-microbial, anti-fungal. I make a nice spray for my hands, use to freshen up the car or on the plane, bus, train, to help keep me healthy from all the stagnant germy air. Whenever I use this - someone always asks me - “what is that smell? It’s so amazing!” So it’s also a great conversation piece! Ideal too for hotel bathrooms or musty smelling rooms. I also use this as a toothpaste & mouthwash - great for gum health. Feeling a cold or flu coming on? Apply to feet and lymph nodes, gargle, or inhale. Great for immune support - this oil has never failed me in preventing illness while traveling (or in general).

Lavender ~ another all purpose “essential” and anti-everything (in a good way). First aid for cuts, burns, bites, & bruises; great for relaxing on the plane, aids in peaceful sleeping, AND smells amazing!

Frankincense ~ again - another all purpose powerhouse. First aid for cuts, bites, sore muscles/inflammation, joint pain, immune support. Frankincense is grounding - good for relaxation or meditation. I use frankincense (or Palo Santo, Elemi - all from tree resin) on my face with coconut or vitamin E oil at night - great moisturizer. I've also found from my experience that applying these dreamy scents before bed seems to promote a restful sleep and vivid dreaming.

DiGize - A lovely blend of tarragon, ginger, fennel, juniper, and other EO to promote healthy digestion. Ideal for traveling as we tend to go off our regular routine and may be eating unfamiliar foods that may not agree with your tummy. I carry this oil with me everywhere - smells delicious.

Purification ~ Excellent as a bug repellant if traveling to a tropical climate. A group of us traveled to Mexico for 2 weeks (including my son who is like a mosquito magnet) and NO ONE got bit using this. Also - neutralizes the air ~ works as an instant room deodorizer/freshener. Works well as an underarm deodorant too!

Peppermint ~ Excellent for hot weather travel. I make a spray to keep cool when traveling in warm climates. Also makes a great air & breath freshener and may help with nausea. I also use on my hair (along with Rosemary) to help with frizz from humidity. Great pick-me up to if your feeling tired or rundown.

Lemon ~ I bring this to add to my water - helps to disinfect and is a great immune booster. I’m spoiled with my fresh spring water at home, so its also great for masking the taste of some not so tasty bottled or tap water. Great air freshener as well.

Cypress ~ Anti-bacterial. My new favorite deodorant! Underarm odor is caused by bacteria and as most EO are anti-bacterial, they make excellent deodorants. I just pop a roller ontop of a bottle and use a blend of Cypress, Lavender and whatever else i’m in the mood for to create an amazing smelling and effective deodorant. Non-toxic, cleansing, & nourishing.

Vetiver ~ Another favorite. Anti-viral, antiseptic, Vetiver is earthy, warming, comforting, grounding, balancing, relaxing, and great as an perfume/aroma. Sometimes I like to mix this with some cooling oils for balance. I love this scent but use more so when in in temperate or cooler climates.

Diffuser ~ Not an oil but depending on where and how I’m traveling, I carry a portable diffuser. I am super sensitive to smells so knowing I can cleanse the air and breath easy is important for to be able to sleep well and enjoy my travels. An alternative would be to make a spray or put some EO on a cotton ball and place on the vents for a quick air freshener/cleaner.

Note: Please only use high quality oils for best results. Although I don't always agree with their "politics", I prefer Young Living brand. They are the best quality I've tried and believe me, I've tested many.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to incorporate Essential Oils into your everyday life, we host a variety of Essential Workshops at Turquoise Barn.

AND...... if you want to test them out traveling - join us for our Mexico Sensory Adventure - Yucatan Peninsula and Mayan Riviera ~ where you will not only get to attend the workshops but will be able to sample all of these oils first hand in action during your stay! For more information visit our facebook event page or our website.

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