Part III ~ Why I love Mexico ~ History, Art, Nature, Spirit, Beauty

Part III ~ "Why I love Mexico" ~ History, Art, Nature, Spirit, Beauty

Part III of a three part series For those who are ready for a life-changing experience, I am offering an opportunity to experience the magical beauty of Mexico first-hand this April 2016.

See below for details.

Traveling pushes us out of our comfort zone and we may be faced with many fears including not understanding a language or getting lost. When we decide to leave the comfort of our familiar lives and routines we also choose to grow ~ growth can only happen through change. Following growth comes JOY.


Sacred ruins are everywhere throughout Mexico. To be able to see, touch, (and in some cases climb) the architecture and artwork that has been preserved over the years is yet another avenue to experience and learn more about the rich and complex history of this country.

Ancient rituals are still performed which you can experience first hand at some of the sites. Image being transported back in time on a historical and spiritual journey that you will remember for a lifetime.


Churches are always on the top of my list of places to visit. You can see everything from a large modern cathedral type building filled with a wall of Milagros and candles, to an outdoor church with just a few benches set before a beautiful and always colorful hand made altar. The combination of the intense silent energy, scents from burning candles, visually mesmerizing iconography, and pure love felt inside these spaces can literally move me to tears.

I took a trip to Mexico shortly after my father passed away. I remember entering a church with the most amazing view of the ocean (all windows). The combination of the beauty of my surroundings and the intense energy inside the church, helped me to feel his presence again and put some closure on his death. Sometimes taking yourself out of your traditional environment can bring you closer to yourself and your loved ones.


Besides the churches, I also love the graveyards! Depending on the region, many of the gravestones are hand decorated altar type tombstones. In the coastal regions, the graveyards are set along the ocean with amazingly hand decorated altar type tombstones, painted bright colors with personal messages, pictures, and personal items. Each one as unique as the individuals they are honoring and remembering. This is such a contrast to our uniform, gray stone, graveyards (although still beautiful in a different way). Perhaps visiting these lively graveyards can help to remind us of the unique and colorful qualities of those we have lost in a less painful and more joyful manner.


Most people are familiar with Day of the Dead, a celebration to remember family and friends who have passed and to help support them on their spiritual journey. These celebrations usually take place in the graveyards, where prayers, music, candy skulls, marigolds and personal belongings are brought to the grave site. It’s one of the most interesting times to visit Mexico. Expressing the joy of life in a beautiful, colorful, and festive way is such a contrast to the black, somber, rituals of our Western culture.


Art is beauty - beauty is Art. It is all around us. Using all of our senses and learning to see and appreciate the beauty in everything is healing, and that includes ourselves. In Mexico, Art is here ~ everywhere ~ from museums in Mexico City to political street art in tiny fishing villages.

Just like food, each region has their own specialty from textiles, pottery, painting, sculpture - creative energy can be felt everywhere. Historically, again, Mexico has produced some of the greatest art of our times via paintings, sculptures, and architecture. Two of the most well known modern artists are of course Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo (and one of my favorites). I was fortunate enough to visit Frida's home and studio located in Mexico City. A beautiful experience.


It is all around and inside of everyone, everywhere. Connecting with nature is pivotal in leading us to fully awakening our senses and creating joy and peace in our lives. This connection is necessary to begin making the changes that can lead our lives in the direction or path of being true to ourselves. It is the pathway to love, joy, peace, & contentment. It is knowledge, experience, undertanding, intuitive, beautiful, magical.

Perhaps it's because I am more relaxed when traveling in Mexico, but I always feel more connected here. White sandy beaches with turquoise colored waters, cenotes, flowers, flowers, and more flowers, mountains, and lush jungle areas. In many regions, the people are still closely connected to their land.

On my last visit in January I met a man who was harvesting leaves from a plant growing wild near the ocean. He explained to me that they were taking it home to make tea to help with back pain caused by inflammation. Even in some cities, it's common to see people picking wild growing herbs, flowers, roots to take home and use for food and medicine. There is always something new to learn, that is one of the true joys of traveling.



I am excited to be offering an opportunity to join me on a sensory adventure to Mexico in April 2016 where we will explore an area of the Mayan Riviera and Yucatan Peninsula. This trip will be similar to the one I took with my son. Although the itinerary will be slightly different, we will be in the Yucatan Peninsula and Mayan Riviera region of Mexico.

So are you ready to explore, learn, grow, and immerse yourself in an adventure of a lifetime?

Your adventure will be the perfect blend of relaxation and exploration - a combination retreat and tour. Traveling and attending a retreat both facilitate growth and evolution. All activities are designed to give you an opportunity to expand and develop mind, body and spirit on your own personal level.

Hope you can join us on this magical and exciting journey to one of the most beautiful, colorful, and traditionally rich countries on the planet ~ Mexico!

For more details and photos feel free to contact me.

This is Part III of a three part series ~ "Why I Love Mexico". Art, Nature, History, Spirit, Beauty

Part I - Magic, Beauty, Fear of Flying

Part II ~ Diversity: Language, Food, Tradition

A note about Safety Concerns:

I know some people are concerned with safety when considering travel in Mexico.

Mexico is a HUGE country, and just like anywhere else including the U.S., there are certain areas that are more dangerous than others (currently in Mexico these are mostly the border towns and the western part of the country - the opposite side of where we will be). Please be assured that we will not be near any of these locations. We are only traveling to very SAFE areas geared mainly for tourists. As with anywhere you travel, you just need to use common sense and take standard precautions, i.e. be aware of your surroundings, don't flash valuables around, and don't leave your wallet on the beach (seriously, people do that).

I have been making numerous trips to Mexico since 1992; including extensive traveling throughout Mexico and Central America for almost 1 year solo as a single woman and I never felt threatened. Last year in 2014, I traveled with my teenage son, a female friend and her teen son. We traveled to 3 different places by local bus and never felt afraid or uncomfortable. This is the same area that we will be going with our group. This area is very family oriented and SAFE. I would not risk bring my son or anyone (including myself) to a high risk area, I’m not that brave ; ) .

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