Food - Botanical Cuisine - 

Pure, vital, from the earth - sustainable - good fro you, the planet, & the animals - oh and TASTY!

Chia Pudding w/homemade brazil/almond mylk, B-elixer smoothie, & green goddess smoothie - topped with sprouted buckwheat granola and berries - RV

Raw Vegan Lacto-Fermented Cheeze

B Elixer

Garden Zucchini Flatbread w/blueberry lemon cream cheeze

Basil & Wild Blackberry Cooler

Watermelon, Basil, Purslane, Nettles

Wild Elixir Sun Tea Infusion

Sweet Potatoes Bronze Fennel

Mid-East Feast

Lemon Creme Cheese & Raw Wild Bread

Green & Flowers

Zucchini Ribbons smothered in a creamy coconut curry sauce topped with Chiogga heirloom beets.

Wild Salad w/Greeny Tahini Dressing

Wild Yard Soup Brew

Summer Mid-East Feast

Garden Salad

Mid-East Feast

Asian Noodle Salad w/side of Tempeh

Botanical Breakfast

Appetizers - Vegan Cheeze n Crackers

Garden Confetti Crackers

Yellow Dock, Bee Balm, Nettles, various seeds, flowers, vegetables

Nettles & Purslane

Red Clover All Over - Infusions

Mexico meets Catskill Elixier

Sprouted Buckwheat Granola RV

Nettles Pesto Raw Vegan

Wild & Berry Elixir

Patriotic Nettle/Purslane Pudding

Break - fast


Pizza for One Raw Vegan

Wild picks of the day

Holy Basil Elixir

Botanical Panny Cakes RV

Sprouted Buckwheat Granola RV

Sprouted Buckwheat Granola RV

Pink Infusions

Super Green Soup

Wild Edible Cracker

Digestive Elixir

Chocolate Peppermint Pudding

Botanical Breakfast Bowls

Raw Vegan Carrot Cake w/Violets

Fresh juice & ensalada

Breakfast Parfait al fresco

Garden Delights

Fresh Stinging Nettles

Hibiscus Cooler

Raw Vegan Noodle Bowl

Kale Salad

Thai coconut soup

Spirulina Chips Raw Vegan

macaroon with raw chocolate sauce

Breakfast at the Barn

Wild Pine, Bee Balm, Clover Vinegar

Tarts & Truffles

Botanical Breakfast at the Barn

Power Balls

Garden Herbs


Botanical Breakfast

yellow dock, sumac, & milkweed

Wild Crafted Vinegars

Green stuff


Wild Things Milweed - Sumac


Cheeze Trio

Stuffed Squash Blossoms

My Messy Kitchen

Cheeze Stuffed Tomatoes

Brussel sprouts

Raw Vegan Herb Cheeze

breakfast herbs and flowers

Seed Soaking

Retreat lunch

Raw Vegan Live Cultured Cheeze w/fresh rosemary & spices


Carribean Dream Smoothie

Cheeze & Crackers

Karmamaca 3 layer tort

Botanical Breakfast at the Barn

Wild Green Smoothies

Luv Tomatoes

Watermelon Radish

Vitamin C

Fresh Herb Tea & Chia Berry Porridge

Cinnamon cookies & milk

Medicinal Tea

Tarts & Truffles

Wild and Weedy Raw Vegan Crackers

Lovely Radishes

Garden Green Goodies