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Join us  for Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra - a simple yet profound practice for relaxation + restoration + rejuvenation.

Our upcoming series will be scheduled on the New + Full Moon Cycles. The combination of Yoga Nidra and Moon Energy creates an even more profound and powerful meditation experience.

Appropriate for all ages, levels of experience, physical abilities, religions. See below for full details : )  



Every Full Moon - Full Moon ~ Let Go - Chakra Journey 

Every New Moon - Manifestation Meditation


Dates, Details, and Registration on our Event Calendar Page


Space is limited - Reservations Recommended.   

If possible please arrive 5-15 minutes before class starts

Come and try it out for FREE.  

First class is complimentary or by donation.   

 $15/pp suggested donation thereafter. 


Carriage House next door to Turquoise Barn.  


In the Event Field on the Stage - weather permitting

What to Bring:  Mat, pillow or towels (to roll for knees + neck), blanket. We're going to get cozy.  If you do not have a mat, please do not let that stop you - you can use a blanket or we have extra mats!  Just let us know ahead of time if you will need one.  You may also want to bring an eye/sleep mask or something to cover your eyes and and a notebook for recording your experience.  Dress comfy.

Classes lead by Michelle Premura - Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra Guide

Full bio here

Can't make it to one of our scheduled classes?  No worries - Private and Group Classes can be scheduled at a time  and place convenient for you.  Contact us for rates and availability. 


Stress is known to be one of the top contributors to illness.  We worry about work, finances, health, our children + families - we are constantly multi-tasking, juggling, on the run with little or no time to take care of our well being. At some point in life all of us may feel overwhelmed, lost, confused, and disconnected - disconnected to ourselves - our truth, our nature. In our modern world, it feels almost impossible to eliminate stress from our daily lives.  


What if laying comfortably on the floor for 30 minutes  LISTENING  to soothing music while being led on a magical sensory adventure through nature could help you manage your stress - help you feel more grounded, peaceful, relaxed, rejuvenated, connected?  It sounds simple right?  Well - it is - it's called Yoga Nidra! So what is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra (translation Yoga =  Union/Wholeness  + Nidra = Sleep) is a powerful relaxation and meditation technique based on ancient yogic practices designed to promote deep body-mind rest + relaxation bringing you to a state between wakefulness + deep sleep with the ultimate goal of increasing self-awareness.  Over the years, this technique has been modernized, making it an accessible tool for everyone.  It has been noted that just one 30-minute practice of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to approximately 3 hours of deep sleep.  

With regular practice, Yoga Nidra has been associated  with alleviating + reducing  symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, high blood pressure, addiction, aggression, ADHD, PTSD, digestive issues, heart disease, ulcers, asthma, eczema,  chronic pain, multiple sclerosis to name a few.   If you are interested in learning more and practicing this simple, yet profound method of deep relaxation and meditation, please join us!  

Who: No  prior experience is necessary AND you can choose to practice either lying down or sitting for the entire time.  Workshops are appropriate for all ages, religions, physical abilities - the only requirement is that you are able to lay on the on your back or sit in a chair for approximately 30 minutes. I like to say that Yoga Nidra is especially good for people who "can't meditate". 

What to Expect:

Yoga Nidra is a practice based on the yogic model of the 5 koshas which represent the physical, energetic, emotional, mental, intuitive, and spiritual self.  As you are guided through these stages, you will enter into a deep state of relaxation; a state between sleep and wakefulness; systematically changing and cyclings through brain wave states, lowering beta and increasing alpha, theta and delta waves. By slowing down brain wave frequencies, yoga nidra literally changes the fluctuations of the mind.  It is during this state that deep healing and transformation of mind + body + spirit can begin.


Yoga nidra goes beyond biological sleep as it not only refreshes the body + mind, but also promotes self-awareness. Feelings of meditative expansiveness are objective biological facts that can be measured in DNA, neurotransmitters and brain waves.  Although Yoga Nidra is a profound yoga meditation practice; sparkles, glitter, kittens, butterflies, rainbows, unicorns, beauty, love, tears, joy, energy, connection, and BLISS also come to mind when describing personal experiences.  


During your Yoga Nidra experience, you be will  laying comfortably on your back (in savasana) or if you prefer you may sit in a chair. You will be comfortably laying down under your blanket (optional) with pillows and any other props you may need to get you cozy and comfy. Once you're comfortable, you will be guided by my voice along with soft relaxing music as I take you on a magical visual journey through your body + nature to awaken all of your senses - allowing your body, mind, and spirit to rest, restore, and rejuvenate.  


Depending on the class, I will also guide you through a series of techniques before and after the meditation to enhance your Yoga Nidra experience. Enhancements may include: gentle stretching + light movement; aromatherapy, sound, music, mantras. mudras, art, journaling, aromatherapy, breath work, reiki, nature walk/connection, botanical elixirs.  NOTE: All activities are optional.  You can choose to participate, sit, lay down, eyes open, eyes shut  even sleep (although we would love for you to stay awake, you will still gain the benefits!) — there is no “wrong” way to practice Yoga Nidra.  Suitable for all ages and physical conditions.  


Throughout the season, we will be offering variations of enhancements and additions to our Yoga Nidra classes as well as intensive workshops that combine all the elements you need to stay healthy + peaceful + magical + connected including:  Botanical + Wild Cuisine + Herbal Alchemy, Art, Nature, Plant Music AND collaborations with some amazing creatives as well. Stay tuned as schedule, classes, topics, and locations will change periodically. (including outdoor workshops - can't wait for those!)  Individual private and group session are also available. 

If you are interested in immersing yourself for 3 days of blissful magic Yoga Nidra - check out our Botanical Sensory Adventure Retreat coming up in September!

Contact us for more details