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Botanical Workshops

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Pure, vital, from the earth....sustainable....good for you, the planet, & the animals.....oh...AND....TASTY!   Turquoise Barn offers a variety of workshops for the novice as well as the experienced foodie looking to explore, expand, and entice your palate. 


Our specialty is Botanical Cuisine...plant-based, nutrient dense, pure, whole food, wildfoods & herbs.  Workshops are designed to help you learn innovative, quick, & easy ways to incorporate more energizing & life giving foods into your diet. 


Whether your goal is to add more fresh whole foods into your diet, learn more about plant-based diets, cleanse for illness or weight loss, transition to a vegetarian, vegan or raw food lifestyle, or you're just looking to learn some new recipes and expand your culinary repertoire, we can assist you. 


Workshops are taught by Michelle Premura, Certified Raw & Living Foods Chef & Educator, Herbalist Apprentice, Wild Foods Enthusiast, Gardener, & Artist.  


*Please note that classes & menus may change based on season and available ingredients.  Prices vary; group discounts available.  Contact us for pricing and scheduling.

UPCOMING Workshops:








Art of Essential Oils - A series of workshops that  rotate throughout the year.

Presenters for these workshop with share their knowledge and experience using essential oils for

mind, body, and spirit.  We will cover a variety of topics including usage for:  Culinary, spiritual, detoxing, purifying, stress relief, enhancing the immune system and healing.  


Billie Kunzang - Registered Nurse; Reiki, Third Degree;

Raindrop Massage (with application of essential oils);

Certified Life Coach; Biography Work, Herbalist (apprentice)

Michelle Premura  - Certified Vegan Raw Chef & Educator, Reiki Practioner, Herbalist (apprentice)

Wild Edible Enthusiast, and Arist. 


All workshops will include handout, recipes, and of course some tasty samplings, sniffings, & refreshments.  Products may also be available to purchase including therapuetic grade essential oils, 

non-toxic cleaners, & beauty products.  


Cost $15/pp (FREE for guests of Turquoise Barn)

Space is limited  - reservations suggested. 


Detoxing your Mind, Body, & Spirit with Essential Oils

TBA 2015 - Cost $15/pp

Details Coming Soon. 

This workshop will be presented by Billie Kunzang and Michelle Premura. 


Can't make the dates?  Gather a group of friends & family of 10 or more

and we will offer any of our workshops for your group. Contact us for more details.



Past workshops in the Series

Intro to the Art of Essential OIls

Date TBA


First in a series of upcoming workshops to arouse your senses while practically and safely beautifying, detoxifying and rejuvenating your home, body, mind, & spirit.  An enjoyable evening of learning, sampling, and making new friends while discovering the multiple uses of one of nature’s most versatile treasures.  This introductory course will touch upon the basics, delving deeper into each category as the series evolves. 


Two Hour Beginner Workshop will cover:

·        Using essential oils for everyday health, well being, & enjoyment

·        Incorporating essential oils in food for nutrition, detox, energy, and FLAVOR

·        Body, skin, & oral care

·        Relaxation, Meditation, Energy

·        Detox your home - simple, cost effective cleaners


Art of Essential OIls

It's the Holidays - Planning, Prepping, and staying CALM


Join us in our 3rd workshop as part of the Art of Essential Oils beginners series.  In this course we will explore even more amazing benefits and usages of therapeutic grade essential oils  Our Holiday workshop will focus on tips and recipes using Seasonal Essential Oils to help keep you calm, healthy, happy, and productive throughout this hectic season.  We will also have samples of guilt-free, whole food, botanical holiday treats.  


Art of Essential OIls - Mommy's Helpers:  Essential Oils for Parenting


It’s that time of year: everyone heads indoors and kids start sharing germs at a faster rate.  Colds seem ever-present and we worry about flu and ‘super-bugs’. Over-the-counter remedies for kids are limited and concerns about their safety are voiced more frequently.  Many parents are looking for safe natural ways to protect kids and help them heal when they do get sick.  Enter essential oils.  We’ll discuss immune-boosting and anti-bacterial oils, as well as oils that support healing.  We’ll also touch on basic first aid for kids and using essential oils with babies.


Three Hour beginners workshop will include:


  • - What, Why’s, & How’s of Botanical Cuisine

  • - Kitchen set up – fun tools & gadgets

  • - Sweeteners, oils, salts, organic, “super foods”

  • - Meal & Menu planning

  • - Shopping guide 

  •  - Hand-outs & RECIPES!

  • - Hands-on-demonstrations preparing quick, nutrient dense recipes using only a food processor & blender.

  • - Tastings & Makings


After the workshop, enjoy a delicious gourmet meal (mostly prepared in class!)  All ingredients used will be organic, (wild when available), plant-based, whole foods – free from all animal products, gluten, refined oils & sugar. 


Note: This course is also offered in conjunction with the Intensive as a full 3-4 day workshop.  



This intensive workshop is 8-10 hours – 1-2 days (varies according to number of participants and start time.)


In this workshop we go beyond the basics:

  • -Sprouting – how, what, & why

  • -Raw Vegan Dairy:  Nut Mylks, .Cheezes, Sour Crème

  • -Dehydrating: .Crackers, Pizza Crust, Flat Breads,

    Cookies, Crepes, Pancakes, Fruits & Veggies

  • -Juicing – how, what & why

  • -Desserts: Puddings, Pies, Cheeze Cake, Ice Crème

  • -Choice of: Kombucha or Lacto-ferment cheezes


​In this course we will be eating what we make - meals will be included.  All ingredients used will be organic, (wild when available), plant-based, whole foods – free from all animal products, gluten, refined oils & sugar. 

​Note: This course is also offered in conjunction with the Intensive as a full 3 day workshop. 



What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered."

 -Ralph Waldo Emerson


Identify, harvest, create, taste…..This 2.5 hour seasonal workshop includes hands-on wild edible Identification walk and garden tour.  Herbs, Flowers, Seeds, Berries, and Roots identified and harvested will vary depending upon season. After the walk we will move indoors to prepare and sample some innovative ways to incorporate these nutrient-dense gifts from nature into our diet. 





Can't make it to one of our scheduled retreats? You choose the date, length of time and topic (or choose from one of our already structured workshops.)  


Custom Designed Personal & Group Workshops may include the following

  • -Transitioning to a healthy whole foods diet

  • - Beginning & Intermediate vegetarian or vegan (cooked & raw)

  • - Alkalizing your body - Gentle Cleansing Foods (cooked & raw)

  • - Juicing, Smoothies, Cleansing

Consultations and other special services are also available; please see our "other offerings" page.